Intruder Alarms

Intuder Alarms

Central CCTV knows it’s essential to protect your building and keep your occupant’s safe that’s why we invest our time and knowledge in to the most user friendly modern and advanced Intruder Alarm Systems, a quality Alarm System is the best deterrent you can have it alerts people to the presence of an intruder!

With our expert installers, you’ll be in the hands of the professionals through every stage of installation. They will run through the installation with you on completion so there is an understanding of what has been installed and how to use and maintain the systems!

Here at Central CCTV we pride ourselves on being reliable and supplying advice so that you choose the right system to suit your individual needs. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements and take the first step in securing your home.

Stephen & Victoria Metson

Sible Hedingham, Essex

"Josh has been fantastic at providing advice and the right alarm system for our house. The company is professional, and helpful and flexible with installation. I would recommend this service and company."

Catharine Hamblion

Halstead, Essex

Josh sorted out a great CCTV system for our house. We had four cameras installed that we can view on our mobiles via an app. The pictures are fantastic and the cameras are sleek and discreet. The installation was quick and efficient. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone.

Melanie Foroozan

Sible Hedingham, Essex

"Thanks for doing a great job on our house Josh, highly recommended! Best regards Mel & Af "